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Rapper Octavian, real name Octavian Oliver Godji, has been dropped by his record label after his ex-girlfriend claimed that he physically and emotionally abused her.

The musician's ex-partner, Hana, took to Twitter and Instagram claiming he "frequently kicked and punched" her during their three-year relationship.

Hana, known as @emobaby4real also claimed Octavian attacked her with a hammer, threatened to kill her and hit her in the stomach while she was pregnant.

The 24 year-old artist has strongly denied the allegations and said he was dealing with the situation "legally and properly".
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According to Metro, more than 10,000 Spotify users have blocked Octavian on the music streaming platform in light of the accusations.

Prior to the news of Black Butter Records dropping the artist, a source close to Spotify claimed "Insiders at the label project his new record to track some of the lowest sales it has ever seen as more fans turn away from him".

The labels action came after Hana shared two videos of her alleged abuse, which showed her on the ground and her begging for Octavian to "stop" hurting her.

In one of the videos, a man is heard saying “you’re f***ing disrespecting the sh*t out of me". In another video, the rapper is seen saying he would “beat the sh*t out of you cos you won’t get out of my house”.


Hana also shared photos of her bruises, scars and cuts on her body from the alleged abuse.

She also revealed Octavian wanted her to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the alleged abuse and offered to pay her £20,000 to sign it.

Hana – known as Emo Baby – claimed the abuse started in April 2020 when she became pregnant and that she was "frequently kicked, punched, strangled, and dragged out the house with my clothing or hair, he would smash furniture and threaten with a bat, or attack me with other items like a screwdriver."

Emo Baby explained his violent outbursts were "prompted by his cocaine use".

Pattern Publicity, who previously represented the rapper, has also cut ties with him.

“After these allegations have come to light, we have stopped all work with Octavian as we cannot condone, nor support, abusive behaviour,” the company said in a statement.

In September, Technique PR also stopped working with Octavian when the allegations first surfaced.